Are your products eco-friendly?

Please vacuum all the areas you wish to be cleaned. If you have recently vacuumed within within the last few days, you do not need to vacuum. Remove any breakable objects from tight corners and tables near stairs. We will move light furniture, but we prefer you handle small things like toys and clothes. It is also helpful if you move any vehicles out of your garage before we arrive. The reason is we typically park our van in front of your garage, and we do not want to block you once we get started.

Do you give reminder calls?

Generally, No. Once you have been booked, we keep our appointments and arrive in a timely fashion.

What time do you arrive?

We try our utmost to arrive on the time we establish at the time of your booking. We may arrive up to an hour before your scheduled appointment. However, if we are running more than 30 minuets late we will call you and let you know our status.

Do you move furniture?

Typically, no. We normally run a 1 man crew and only move things that one man could easily maneuver. Such as a light sofa, coffee tables and movable chairs.

Do I need to be home, at the time of the cleaning?

You can stay or leave, it makes no difference to us as long as we make arrangements to have access to your home. We understand you are busy and may not be in a position to be there. You can have the confidence we will lock your home as we would our very own as we leave. Often, we just go out the garage and jump over the red beam.

How long will it take to clean my carpet?

Your whole house may take about 2 to 3 hours. However, we usually book out 3.5 hours. If for some reason you need to reschedule we would greatly appreciate 24 hour notice or more if possible.